Matching children with incarcerated parents with gift-givers in the community

Holidays can be a really rough time for the households & caregivers of children who have an incarcerated parent. Without a parent at home, there is much less income and one less person looking out for these children.  This is especially true this year, with so many caregivers struggling to find work and put food on the table.  With Covid, many incarcerated parents have not been able to have in-person visits with their children for many months. We are hoping to make the situation a little bit better by matching the children of incarcerated parents with gift-givers in the community. 

To give some background, in 2013, defense investigator Susan Randall and her children, & some family & friends and started an organization called Hope Beneath the Tree, to match children with incarcerated parents with gift givers around the holidays.  Dana Valentine and Paige Reynolds volunteered to get things organized, and the next we knew, it took off!  Now high school & college students throughout Vermont help us run the program. It has become a highlight for all of us each year at this time.  Last year we provided gifts to over 350 children by matching gift donors with children in need. Word spread and we now have lots of children with incarcerated parents participating, from all over Vermont, the east coast, and across the country.

Here is a story Vermont Public Radio did about us in 2018.  Read it here.



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